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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Slow Start, Fast End

We started qualifying matches today!!! 

Our record right now is 3-2 and we are in 47th place right now. Top half! Woo! 

The day started out slowly. Our first two matches didn't go that well. In the first match, our alliance struggled to come up with a clear strategy that benefitted all the teams. That created confusion on the field and it didn't go well. Unfortunately we weren't even able to truss. 

In the second match, one of our alliance partners auto modes did not work. They had two balls which really messed with out score. There was also a lot of defense. However, we got some great defense in and were able to show off our trussing. The alliance also worked well together. 

In the third match, we won! There were a ton of foul points for our alliance because the other team tipped us over. We were able to truss a couple times though before that. Also, one of alliance partners, again, dominated the ball. However, the opposing alliance was all demes ice robots so they didn't score many points. 

Fourth match was a close one! We won on some foul points being assessed. But a win is a win. The match was kind of crazy and out strategy didn't quite work but that's ok! 

THE LAST MATCH OF THE DAY WAS AWESOME! We worked with 4039 and 4464. The teams were super nice and we worked very well together. We inbounded and trussed. 4464 passed it off and 4039 finished. We trussed 4 times and one of tem was a total last second truss. Again, it was awesome. 

We replaced the hex shaft on the hammer because it was getting torqued and we had spares and extra time. Also, our window motors on the pickup arms failed. So we replaced those too. 

To end the day, we went on a practice field and tested some stuff. We were having a blast and generally being ridiculous. The fun level ha returne to our team an it was very welcome. 

To finish, we went to RoboProm. We danced the night away together. Our team works so well together and we genuinely like each other. Wouldn't want to spend Champs with anyone else. 

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