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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NEWTON, Here We Come!

The 400 (or so) teams that go to the FIRST Robotics World Championships are divided into 4 Divisions: Archimedes, Newton, Galileo, and Curie. Each Division is basically a Regional unto itself (qualifications, awards, and elimination rounds). So, obviously, the teams in a Division are incredibly important.


As you enjoy that beautiful man's picture, we have a couple links here.

First, this is a link to an excel spreadsheet of ALL the teams and what division they are playing in.
Excel Spreadsheet of ALL teams

Second, this is a Google Spreadsheet that we created that only has the teams in our division, NEWTON!!
NEWTON Google Spreadsheet

Third, this is a link to Simbotics AWESOME scouting database. Seriously, check that baby out.
Simbotics Champs Scouting Database

Fourth, here is a list of all MN FRC Teams and their field assignments.
MN FRC Field Assignments

Some notes about NEWTON after a SUPER QUICK glance...

MN Teams:
525 Swartdogs (honorary MN team, actually from IA)
3018 Nordic Storm
3313 Mechatronics
5339 Hurricanes

International Teams:
610 Canada
1114 Canada
1156 Brazil
1285 Canada
1305 Canada
1574 Israel
2283 Mexico
3065 Israel
4039 Canada
4069 Canada
4355 Mexico
4481 Netherlands
5291 Israel

We will have some more analysis/fun stuff in the coming days. 

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