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Monday, May 18, 2015

The One and Only 2015 Regional

Had a crazy time at the 2015 10k Lakes Regional! Though we didn't quite reach the glory we got to last year, it was still a pretty kick-bot time. Mechatronics fought hard and partied hard, and are definitely proud of our performance.



Through qualifications, we did great. Though we had a few bum matches, overall, team 3313 had a game that stood out. By the end of qualifications, we were ranked 11th. Then came the scary part. Alliance selections. Teams filled the stands, and the tension in the room was nearly suffocating. we waited, breathless, as teams began to call out numbers. Finally, after six nerve-racking team numbers were called, we finally heard the words we were looking for. "We would like to invite team 3313 Mechatronics to our alliance." Of course, we accepted, and got on a team with 2498 Bearbotics and 5434 Falcon Robotics.

Mechatronics got out in Semifinals, ranking 4th overall in the competition with the average score of 85.66. However, our glory was not over, because by presenting a spirit-filled Chairman's, making lots of friends, and being totally, completely pumped the whole competition, we won team spirit award.


By the end of the three days, the team was thoroughly exhausted. However, it hasn't dampened our drive, or spirit, for State.


But wait, we don't want to forgot the BeFIRST award! Last year Mechatronics received the BeFIRST award at the Duluth regional and this year the team gave the award to another team. After walking through the pits and talking with a couple of teams, 3313 choose to give the award to Blaze Robotics, Team 3184. This award is given to a team that Mechatronics thought represented the qualities of FIRST the most, and next year Blaze will give it another team!

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