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Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Season Begins

Hello from team 3313 Mechatronics!

A couple of weeks ago we started the recruit portion of our robotics season. Since the start of recruitment we have been showing new recruits what it's like to be on the team. New recruits have been enthusiastic about the robots and what we do.

After looking at the game hint video for Stronghold, it's gotten us super excited for what is to come.

We have started introducing what each role is as well as introducing them to old robots and showing them building and programing.

We have been meeting every thursday and cannot wait until we get to start building the new robot for the new game.

For the past couple of weeks we have been looking for a new coach, since our old coach moved to St. Paul to go back to college for a different career.

Thank-you everyone for being supportive of us and thank-you to our sponsors! Team 3313 Mechatronics can't wait until we get to see all the teams again! Just keep building!

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