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Monday, March 26, 2012

Practice Run

Some team members have met up a few times in the past week after school to continue getting ready for our Regional Competition (10,000 Lakes Regional at U of M - Twin Cities Williams Arena March 29-31). We have worked on a variety of projects including the pit area, acquiring tools, arranging elementary schools tours, revising the business plan and organizing parts.

Our biggest focus the past week has been getting the pit area ready. Rachel got a tent from her neighbor to borrow which is great. We did a test run of what our pit will look like today after school. It looks great! We will also have a table with our charging station and other things on it which is not pictured. The banner looks great and there is enough space for a couple people (all that’s necessary) to get around.

Bryce and Bydlon organized the big red toolbox and the smaller black toolbox last week. This was an arduous task because of how disorganized they were. However, the duo got it done. In connection with that, Bryce, Bydlon, and Jenna went shopping to pick up some more supplies and tools that the team will ideally not need but will be available in case problems arise. We also took some parts off Beckham to use as spare parts. It was sad to take them off since we know Beckham works but the team wants to be prepared for any problems that might arise at the Regional.

Bydlon and Jenna have started arranging visits to the area elementary schools. One of the team’s big goals for the year was to expand our community outreach by presenting to more schools. Luckily, the principals in the area are very supportive Robotics and STEM education in general. These presentations will be exciting for the team.

Today, Jenna, Kacy, and Bydlon worked on revising and adding to the Business Plan. Jenna worked her tail off writing the business plan earlier in the build season and it was great! However, the team has accomplished and done a lot since the middle of the build season. All of those accomplishments, events, and information needed to be added to the business plan. It was, and the business plan looks even better for it.

Rachel has continued her work on the flag. She’s awesome and the project sucks. BUT the flag looks amazing. Again, I am holding off on posting a picture until it is complete. Her work will continue to be awesome for years to come.

We are only 2 (TWO!!) days away from being in the Cities getting ready for the regional to start. Incredible to know it’s so close. The team is excited to get down to work and show everyone what we can do.

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