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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wave Our Flag

Just a quick update from today. This author is getting back in the habit of blogging every day in anticipation for our Regional Competition this week at Williams Arena.

So Rachel is awesome. A few weeks back, she volunteered to sew a flag for our team. She did not know what she was getting herself into. After A LOT of work and just a few struggle faces, she finished the flag today. We had been putting off posting a picture because we wanted her true accomplishment to shine through. So without further ado, here it is.

There were a few other things that the team worked on the night before we leave. Jenna made some posters to hang in our pit with announcements (Back in 13 minutes, Out to lunch, Call me maybe). She also finished remaking the picture poster board. They all look great. The business plan and other materials were brought to a local copying company to be made.

Bryce, Jordan, and Brandon worked on putting the battery shelf underneath the robot cart. This will allow us to carry tools and extra batteries to the queuing line in an efficient and cool looking manner. Really great work by everyone involved. Bydlon also bought some more extra parts and tools like master links and safety glasses.

Yet another reminder, this blog, our youtube account (click above on the tab) and our twitter (@team3313) will all be updated throughout this exciting weekend. We are competing at the U of M Twin Cities - Williams Arena all day Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

We are all ready to go tomorrow right after school!

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