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Monday, April 29, 2013

Outreach Season Has Begun!

After Bydlon being gone for 5 days to WORLD CHAMPS!, the team met again today to start the serious work of outreach season.

Kacy, Bydlon, and Jade worked on the power point presentation for Voyager Elementary. We are going there tomorrow so it's important to get it done! They started writing it a little too in depth (used to Sponsor presentations). Luckily, Mitch reminded them of the audience and they toned it down. You can see the power point at the attached link.

Voyager Presentation

Allen, Dalton, and Mitch worked on the autonomous so our robot will get out of the way of the front of the pyramid. Allen also updated the drivers for NetBeans on our laptop so it's all good. This was kind of a problem at our Regional.

Tyler, Molly, and Lacey started working on some ideas for a blocker for the MHSHL competition. It's only 2.5 weeks away! Bryce came later in the day and had some good ideas too. 

Carson made our team an official letterhead that looks great! We kind of stole this idea from Blue Twilight 2220. Thanks guys! 

Heidi and Mitch started on a scouting list for MSHSL. Because all teams have competed before, we can get a really good idea of what all the teams do before we even get there. Also, because the event is only one day, we will have very little time to do pit scouting. This is a pre-emptive strike of sorts. 

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