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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Voyager Visit!

Team 3313 Mechatronics visited Voyager Elementary School today as part of our Spring Outreach drive.

We started out by presenting to two classes of 5th graders. The presentation occurred in a classroom but ended up outside by the playground. Each team member had a slide to take care of. Jade, Carson, Kacy, Allen, Alicia, Dalton, Bryce, Lacey, Heidi, Molly, and Jade were all present. It was so much fun. The kids were super enthusiastic and the look of amazement on their face when our mascot came in and the robot shot discs was worth all the trouble. There was not enough room in the classroom to shoot discs so we decided to bring the classes outside. The wind was pretty crazy and was blowing the Frisbees everywhere. But everyone had a blast.

The next presentation was for the 6th grade classes. This presentation also went fantastic. Mitch came and replaced Alicia's spot since she needed to leave. The fun part of this presentation was that our team visited this class last year with our basketball shooting robot. The kids were just as interested. They loved loading the robot and shooting discs in the cafeteria. We tipped the robot down so the discs shot flay instead of up. This kept everyone safe and the ceiling tiles in place.

Team 3313 has Outreach Events every single week of April and May. We will keep the fun going on Thursday when we visit another elementary school, Lincoln.

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