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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Short Recap Of Our Best Regional So Far

  • We had just an incredible amount of fun during the Regional, in the van rides to our hotel. at the Mall of America and in our hotel rooms. 
  • The camaraderie of our team was constantly on display. Whether it was making funny faces to each other, writing funny messages on our white board, or lots of dancing, our team always had a smile on our faces.
  • Many team members are sore and hoarse from all the dancing and cheering we did. 
  • Can't wait to share some of our funny face pictures and other goofy ones.
  • We are rockstars.

  • We were in constant communication with our West Central Alliance friends. Morris and St. Cloud especially were incredibly fun and nice and just awesome. We could not be happier for St. Cloud qualifying for Champs.
  • Our team helped 15 teams out of 63 (whether that be lending a tool, fixing some Java code, or completely rewiring a robot and writing a BOM) .

  • Our Chairman's Presentation was fantastic. Kacy, Lacey, and Jade deserve all the congratulations in the entire world. We ended up not winning but we put up the best fight we could. 
  • The group hug after Chairman's presentation was over was a highlight of the whole weekend. 
  • Everyone on our team who talked to the Judge's was extremely well prepared. The professionalism and fun our team displayed was apparent to every single one of them. 
  • The mascot was awesome. 

  • We were undefeated until our last match. Lost that one by 14 points. Final record for qualifying was 7-1. 
  • We ended up finishing 3rd in qualifying after ending Friday in 1st place. 
  • We moved up to the 2nd seeded alliance. We picked 3018 Nordic Storm and 2846 Fire Bears for our alliance.
  • We won the quarterfinals after 3 tough, close matches.
  • We lost in the semifinals to a tough alliance. 
  • Our team won 2 different awards. We won Team Spirit and Gracious Professionalism. 

A more philosophical discussion will come at some point. All in all, we met every single goal we set for this season, had more fun than should be legal, and helped more people than we thought possible. 

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