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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Travel Day

New YouTube Videos:
Chairman's Video
Van Dance Party!

After sitting through 6 periods of classes where all we thought about was ROBOTS, the team finally traveled to 10,000 Lakes today. WE ARE SO GOSH DARN EXCITED.

Bryce and Bydlon started packing the trailer during the last hour of the day. Most of the heavy lifting was done when the rest of the team arrived. Bydlon got a Sprinter Van and a parent brought their van. The caravan left JHS at 4pm.

The drive down was fun for the Sprinter Van at least. We had some awesome music playing and danced and sang and it was super fun. There's video evidence that will uploaded tonight!

We arrived at Williams Arena on the U of M campus and unloaded all of our stuff. We have a lot of stuff... But that's a good thing! That means we are very prepared!!!

After unloading, the team proceeded to our hotel and got checked in. We went over to the Mall of America and ate dinner. Then we split up and hung out. Finally, we had a team meeting to prepare for tomorrow!

Practice Day is tomorrow!!! Time to get inspected, practice driving, and do some pit scouting!

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