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Friday, March 29, 2013

Practice Day

The first day always seems to be the toughest at the competition, assigning tasks for everyone on the team, keeping everyone organized, and ensuring our robot is working properly. Our biggest challenge in the morning was forgetting important items, such as our tool box keys, laptops, and cameras. We sent Mike, one of the chaperones, back to the hotel and our items were retrieved. Without him, we would have been sitting ducks for a while.

While we waited, we did a practice round which took a long time to get started but went pretty well. After finishing the first practice round, we got inspected. Our inspector was very thorough which made us very worried. We had to do a couple fixes (the funniest one was that we put some qhiteboard material in fornt of our shooter wheel).

Our biggest struggle was fixing our computer updating issues. We thought we had updated all of our stufff but apparently we did not. So that took a while but we figured it out.

Scout team did a really good job all day watching practice matches and doing pit scouting! We are all set and prepared for Friday when the matches start to count.

Lacey walked around as the mascot and got some really good pictures!

We ended up running 4 different practice matches. Our team alone scored 19, 24, 34, and 28 points. That’s pretty good! BUT! We will get so much better.

At the end of the day, we were bored so we started walking around the pits looking at our alliance partners and opponents for the day. One team, 2479, was really struggling. They had a first year mentors and a bunch of new students. We absolutely empathized (that was us 2 years ago). So we started working with them. Their frame perimeter was too big, their wiring was not up to code, they did not have a BOM, and the programming was barely started. BUT! We got them extremely close to driving. We’ll finish it tomorrow.

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