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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Just Bucket

Minne Regional is Saturday!!

In preparation, we were busy finalizing all of our plans.

We got our scouting binders all set up. It's all kind of old hat for us (this is our 5 competitions with Ultimate Ascent robots).

Our biggest challenge in competition has been Frisbees being sticky in our bucket. So we tried a bunch of different stuff to make it better. We tried putting a zip tie in there. We tried taking the bucket off and making something. We decided on just putting a plastic triangle at the back. Hopefully it helps. If it doesn't, that's ok.

We worked on more Chairman's ideas. We have a theme idea and are starting to talk about more specific ideas like what to include in each piece, what to wear during the speech, judge's handouts and lots of other things. It's exciting!!

Lastly, we talked about Minne Regional speeches. We are doing 4 different talks!

Social Media - Lacey and Bydlon
Design Process for Smaller Teams - Bydlon
Pneumatics - Bryce and Tyler
Scouting - Kacy and Carson

Come check us out!!

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