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Friday, November 22, 2013

Minne-Regional!! New Sponsors!!

We are competing in the Minne Regional tomorrow!

It's at Prior Lake High School on the south side of the Twin Cities. Matches will start at around 10am and wrap up by around 4pm.

We are doing 4 presentations. Check them out below.

Design Process for Smaller Teams

Scouting for Smaller Teams



In other EXCITING news...

We got 2 new sponsors!!

Youth As Resources is a group of 11th grade students at Jefferson High School who work together to disperse grant money to organizations that are making a positive difference in the Alexandria community. It's a great group of students and we are so proud that they decided to sponsor us this year. Thank you Youth As Resources!

HPS Rental is a rental company in Alexandria, MN. They set up tents, portable bathrooms, tables, chairs, and many other things for outdoor events all around West Central MN. Bryce, one of our team captains, has worked there for many years (his uncles own the business). They are sponsoring Team 3313 this year by allowing us to use their box truck and also pay for gas for travel. Thank you so much to HPS Rental!

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