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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Forgetful Week Zero

This past Saturday, Mechatronics went to Week Zero, this event was hosted by Team 2472 and Team 2052 on Valentines Day. We started off the day at 5:30 in the morning with our head coach coming late with the sprinter van we headed out later than we planned. After hooking up the trailer and packing up the two vans, we headed to Circle Pines, MN! 

After driving for about 2 hours, one of our the vans broke down on the side of the highway with only about 10 more miles to go before we would have made it to the event. Luckily  the team traveled in more than one car, so all of us could make it to the event! 

Once at Week Zero, we started to get Guido ready for some practice matches. But before anyone could accomplish anything, the tools and batteries had to be warmed up from sitting in the freezing cold all night. When everything was being unpacked, we realized that our whole drivers station was forgotten! Thanks to Team 3407, Mustybots, and Team 2472, Centurions, they let us borrow a joystick and controller for the event. 

When on the actual field we realized that the autonomous needed to be tweaked to run the intended function. Now fully optimized, the autonomous should be ready to go for the upcoming regional, still adding a little tweaks here and there to make it just right.

With going on the real field instead of just practicing in the workshop, we found some obstacles with picking up the field pieces with our current grippers. So the team brainstormed some new ideas on how to fix the current problem and is testing them the upcoming days before the end of build season. Guido is almost ready to be bagged tomorrow night!

After the event and once Guido was all packed up, we headed to Maple Grove for dinner. Taking some unneeded detours through parking lots. Not the best idea for two vans and a truck with a trailer. Once again while we were heading home after the long day, the same van broke down again after being fixed up during the event!

But looking past the van breaking down twice, forgetting some important items and getting lost a couple times. Week Zero was a fun and eventful day for Team 3313 and we are ready for the 10k regional coming up in April!

Here are some extra photos, one of Guido from the drivers station before autonomous on the same side as the drivers, which is different from the years before! Second, the Valentine buttons that Team 2052 and Team 2472 were handing out during the event, pretty creative sayings they created.

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