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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Guido's Ready for Week Zero!

Yesterday, Mechatronics brought the robot from our workshop to the high school to weigh dear Guido. Transporting the robot only about five miles on the back of a pickup truck in a bag-- while it is snowing, was honestly a bit scary. Weighing the robot was an adventure, one could say. First trying to get the robot through the doors, then losing the key to our truck that we drove over and getting locked out of the school. There was a eventful couple of hours, when it should have only taken about a 30 minutes, if not less.

The total weight of our robot came to 116.6 pounds, only about 4 pounds off from the maximum weight. What a relief to know that we made it in the weight limit, since last year Thor was over 15 pounds above the limit! As well, we had to shed some weight before build season was over. 

The programmers have finished and tested the autonomous so its all ready for Week Zero this upcoming Saturday! Now they are attempting to program in our limit switch, which has become harder than they thought.

Yesterday, the build team was working on fixing anything that might need a little tweaking. Today they built three platform plates on the two sides and back of the robot, on these platforms we will add our team number. Either with stickers or painting them on, haven't heard which one they choose yet.

All while the build team has been building the robot, our PR team has been working on the awards and getting some fundraisers set up in the next couple of months. Last night the main leaders submitted the Entrepreneurship Award, not wanting to miss the due date of today! Now they are working hard on finishing Chairman's; finishing up the video, adding small changes to the executive summary and adding some puns to the essay, here and there.

Week six is coming up and our team is ready to compete at the 10k Regional coming up in April! 

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