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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Guido is Bagged and Tagged!

On Tuesday Team 3313 bagged and tagged Guido, ending the 2015 build season! The past couple of days the team has been working on fixing up the robot after Week Zero to make sure that Guido is all set for 10k lakes regional coming up in about a month.

The drive team, Mitch, Brooklyn and Tyler, have been practicing and testing out a couple techniques on how to stack and load the robot during competition. With practicing it also helped the build team see any changes they would have wanted to make.

At around 8 o'clock we took off the grippers and then bagged and tagged Guido, with four hours to spare! Over the next couple of weeks the team is going to be working on the grippers and seeing what we could change to make them grip the totes better and easier without creating such a hassle with trying to grab multiple totes.

But before Guido was all bagged up, Tyler and Bryce bagged themselves and joked around for awhile. Don't worry, no students were harmed in the bagging of the robot.

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