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Monday, February 13, 2012

Conveying Our Excitement!

 WE GOT SO MUCH DONE TODAY! The day off on Sunday seemed to really invigorate the team. That or the fact that we only have one week left to finish...

Some of the team members worked some long hours today. Ryan, Jenna, Colin, and Bydlon did not leave until around 9:30pm tonight. Those long hours produced some awesome results though. Ryan worked really hard and pretty much finished the new conveyer system. There is a new YouTube video of the conveyer working.  Bydlon finished the horn stopper and logo holder on the front of the robot. Jenna got all the songs we need for our halftime show on Friday night during the girl's basketball game. Colin got our router for the practice robot (we're doing things a little backwards) all set up.

Earlier in the afternoon, Tom, an engineer from ITW Heartland, came and checked out our work area and the robot. It was nice to see a new face around the shop. Bydlon and Colin showed him around and told him a little bit about the team. Tom had some good advice for the team and it was nice to have some different perspective on our robot.

Molly and Demian got the pieces for the horn protector made over at Alex Tech. They also got some more extrusion in case we need it. Tyler put on the bumpers for the robot. He also kept working on the practice bot. He started putting on the wheels along with the electrical board. Brandon helped with this piece later in the afternoon. Tyler also put more sticky wheels on the robot. With the new bumpers on, Bryce spent most of his time trying to fix the horn because it ran into the bumpers. He is almost finished.

Jesse kept working on the mascot. He made on arm and it looks great! Just like the robot, the mascot is really starting to come together. Jesse, Steph, and Kacy are doing an awesome job. It will be fun to show it off along with the robot this weekend and at the Regional competition.

Jenna was extrememly busy today. Bydlon and Jenna worked on getting the halftime show all together. They talked to Dr. Hartmann about lights and times and wrote a script (it will be funny, action packed, and just plain sweet). We will have a table set up in the hallway with a picture montage and the robot out for people to see. We will be selling wristbands and will give away a t-shirt during the halftime show. Jenna also wrote an article for the Echo Press's "Salute to Academic Excellence" and a press release for KSAX, the local tv station. She made some more corrections to the Business Plan (due Thursday!!).

The team received new basketballs which is welcome news. The basketballs we have are extremely beat up. Bydlon also ordered the new cRio for the practice bot. Unfortunately, it will not come until April because they ran out. Lastly, the jerseys are done and are just waiting for a Purchase Order to arrive to be picked up.

The highlight of the night though, was picking up a ball with our new conveyer system and shooting it. Cannot overstate the great job by Ryan and the others who helped with that part of the project. ONE WEEK LEFT! AHHHHH!

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