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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Recharge Our Batteries

The title of this post is a double entendre. We stopped early tonight because we accomplished pretty much all that we could. This allows us to kind of take a break after three straight late nights. Also, we had to charge our batteries for the robot. More mascot progress was made along with more poster work.

The big progress today was on the robot. We are plugging away at our final design. Our first priority was connecting the shooter. We attached the lexan part of the shooter so that we could start on the rest of it. Tyler worked on putting the "death spikes" on. We will place the top part of the conveyer on these. We will also use these as our warning light mount. They stop the shooter from going too far up as well. Plus, they look cool. Basically, the death spikes are awesome. Ryan worked on fixing the shooter wheel mounts. They had to be spread out a little bit because the lexan part of the shooter is wider than our plywood prototype. He also trimmed down all the metal mount parts so it looks clean. Ryan mounted the wheel to the lexan as well. It looks great! It will be awesome to see the bot with all of the sponsor stickers and decorations. Molly mounted the camera and ball collector at the bottom of the conveyer. Demian worked on making a different mount (other than zip ties) for the conveyer motor. All that's left for tomorrow (and in general) is to put on the rest of the pulleys and belts tomorrow. Awesome work!

Jesse and Kacy continued their work on the mascot. They finished spray painting them. They also spent a lot of time designing the decorations. Jenna worked on the new team poster some more. She is utilizing her scrapbooking skills to make an awesome poster. Jenna ordered more pictures to put on too. It will look sweet. Jenna also made corrections on our Business Plan that a really nice English teacher, Mr. Fleming, suggested.

Megan and Brandon worked a lot on an equation to put into the programming so we can autonomous correctly from any spot of the key. Bydlon ordered more foam basketballs in preparation for the team showing off at the Cardinal girl's basketball game a week from tomorrow. The team is really excited to show off all of their hard work.

This is incredible to believe and is mainly a testament to all of the team's hard work but we should have a fully functional final robot tomorrow. SO AMAZING! All next week will be tweaking and practicing. Make sure you check out the team's upcoming dates in the post below to see us in action! ROLL OUT!

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