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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Final Push

Today was the FINAL PUSH before a lot of really exciting things happen this weekend:
  • We are going to be visited by the local TV station tomorrow morning. 
  • We are performing as the halftime show of the girls bball game tomorrow night. 
  • We are going to a scrimmage on Saturday at Eagan High School. 
  • Lastly, the robot has to be boxed up next Tuesday. 
SO! There were a lot of things to do today!

Jenna got A LOT of stuff done today! Rachel and Jenna made the music mash up for the halftime show. Jenna also picked up the jerseys which look SWEET! Wow! Another great job designing the team's apparel by Jenna. She also came back later on in the evening and helped get everything set up for the TV visit tomorrow. Bryce, Jordan, Ryan, and Bydlon cleaned up the robot room in preparation for being filmed.

Brandon, Megan, Gabe, and Tyler worked on the bumpers. It was kind of a "all hands on deck" situation. We NEED to get them done and we want them to look nice. Both of those requirements are at odds. The group is doing a really nice job though. The blue bumpers are TOTALLY DONE! The red will be completed tomorrow.

Bryce and Ryan spent most of the afternoon making some more fixes to the robot. We tested the robot in the gym again. Unfortunately, the bottom bearing popped out just like last night. Ryan changed the bearing plate design though and it should work now. Ryan's perseverance on the belts and bearings has been amazing. Really great work by him. Bryce worked on fixing the electrical side of the robot. He did some more wire management. He wired up LEDs to the logo on the front. Bryce also practiced driving the robot some more. Ryan made a sweet adjustment to the ball collector plate behind the conveyer. Works great!

Demian finished what he can for the Practice Bot. That means all electrical items are mounted and wired and all drive components are mounted. All that's left is chaining the bot.

Jesse, Kacy, and Steph continued their diligent work on the mascot. It's kind of hard to believe but it is basically done as well! WOW! Great work by that group. The mascot looks AMAZING.

There were more things that happened today but, with so much going on, it's easy to lose track. HUGE WEEKEND coming up. Probably no post again until Sunday. Wish the team luck! Roll out!

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