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Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's So Cold!

The team went out to the Ice Fishing Challenge on Lake Le Homme Dieu today. We did it as a fundraiser for the team. We presented to the Sertoma Club last fall. Usually, the nordic ski team does this fundraiser but opted not to this year. So Sertoma Club offered the position to us which was awesome!! Dominos Pizza came up with an arrangement where we split the profits 50/50. Also really awesome of them to give that help to the team. Of course, one of the coldest and windiest days of the winter was today. The team powered through though and worked together to sell the pizzas. We sold a ton and there were points where we didn't even leave the area around Jenna's dad's car. We had a line of people when the pizzas got there. Other times, we split up into teams and walked around the pizzas to all of the ice fishers. Two really big outcomes of this event. More community awareness of the team and fundraising. Both of these things are big goals of the team so, again, thanks go out to Sertoma Club and Domino's for setting up this arrangement.

After the tournament, we took the leftover pizzas and hung out at school. We played Rock Band and relaxed after a tiring and extremely cold day. We did do some work. We tested the horn on the bridge and shot some baskets. It is so exciting to see the robot make baskets, even when just testing. A huge accomplishment for all of the team members. We can't wait to really finish the robot and show it off to the community at the girls basketball game on Friday night!

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