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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Too Excited to Type

OUR ROBOT WORKS! WOW! Check out YouTube (tab above or this link). I wish I was a better writer so I could describe the feeling of accomplishment and pride that the team members felt when they watched the robot shoot and make baskets. So much hard work and dedication went into it. All of the same goes for the mascot. Both huge project that are so close to being done. We still have some work to do though.

I am a little too excited to write a coherent blog post tonight. If I just write some bullet points and post some photos, I hope you, the reader, can forgive me.  
  • We fixed the wiring issues with the angle adjust (bad motor, wires on backwards, bad PWM cable). We are really good at troubleshooting now. 
  • Colin and Megan continued refining programming and working on Kinect. 
  • Jesse, Steph, and Kacy worked on the mascot. The arms are complete (basically) and they started on the legs. These are complicated and might not be done by Friday which is ok. 
  • Demian and Molly kept working on the kit bot by putting on the wheels and gear boxes. Jordan and Allen helped get all the wiring set up. 
  • Bryce finished the logo by clear coating it. He also kept working on wire management. 
  • Brandon and Tyler spent all afternoon working on putting fabric on the bumpers. The bumpers are going to look AWESOME. 
  • Bydlon bought a bunch of needed supplies. 

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