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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Deep Breathes and Spare Parts

Team 3313 took some deep breathes this week. The Lake Superior Regional really took it out of the drive team and many of the team members. Every single match went down to the wire and 10 matches in about 3 hours was a little crazy. You can read more at the recap. You can also catch 3 different match videos (will be adding more today) on our YouTube channel.

Rewatching many of the matches this week really helped our team. We feel much more prepared and have a lot of different strategies available for 10,000 Lakes. Shout out to Laeey and Heidi for doing such a good job recording matches for us!

Moving on, we have another Regional competition in under 2 weeks! Yikes! We started making a new hammer, just in case something happens. Also, it'll be a little different looking which should be fun if we need to use it.

Our grippers are made out of PVC. We only had to use 1 replacement at Lake Superior but we decided to make 2 more (bringing our total extra amount to 3). You never know what's going to happen especially with such a defensive game as this one.

We remade all the scouting binders including pit and match scouting so we are totally ready for 10,000 Lakes. We posted some of outreach pit scouting results. Our favorite answer was a "cat video festival" for something fun to do. Awesome suggestion!

Lastly, we've reworked the Chairman's Speech just a tiny bit in response to critiques from Lake Superior. Being able to submit it at every Regional is so awesome!! What a vast improvement on the old system. There were over 20 teams that submitted at Lake Superior!! HOLY SMOKES! You can see potential judges questions at this link. 

More to do this week. We have the Discovery Student Showcase on Thursday. Finalizing vehicles and other stuff for 10K Lakes too!

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