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Sunday, March 9, 2014


Finalists at the Lake Superior Regional this past weekend! WOW! We also were awarded the beFIRST award from Team 2052 and the Excellence in Engineering Award.

We finished off Saturday morning by winning our final two matches. That put us at 9-1 and 1st place! FIRST PLACE!! We decided on an alliance of our team, CyberHawks 706 (from Wisconsin), and DataBits 3883 (from Cottage Grove). We decided to focus our strategy on our team inbounding and trussing to a human player, CyberHawks grabbing that inbounds and scoring in the 10 pt., while DataBits played tough defense.

Novels could be written about the elimination matches and how insane they were. Every single matchup went to a "winner take all" except one semifinal round. Our alliance was in a losing position before eeking out a win in the quarterfinals and semifinals. Actually, we lost the 3rd match in the quarterfinals before a field fault was called (pedestal not lighting) and we got to replay. In the rematch, we won. We lost in the finals. The eventual winners had a great strategy of getting 3 assists. Congrats to our #BFFteams of 2052 and 3018.

Overall, we played 24 matches this weekend including 10 Elimination matches. The stress and exhaustion of that was incredible. But our robot, our team, and our alliance pulled through. What an incredible ride.

The ride wasn't over though. We were awarded the "Excellence in Engineering" Award. This award celebrates an elegant and advantageous machine feature. We have never won a "robot" award before so this was amazing. Thor did an INCREDIBLE job this weekend handling tough defense and hammering the ball all over the place. 

Bryce, Brooklyn, Tyler, and Bydlon did a great job as drive team. Heidi took wonderful pictures and Lacey recorded lots of matches. Kacy was wonderful as our pit sitter. Karl, Thomas, Jade, Allen, Andrew, Carson, and Dalton were the best scouters at the competition (yes, we have scouters). Dan helped so much in between Elim matches.

We had one of the smallest teams at the competition but made the most of it, like always.

On to 10,000 Lakes Regional in about 2 weeks!!

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