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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

We leave TOMORROW!!!

For reals though. We leave tomorrow.

As in the day after today.

As in the day before two days from now.

As in Wednesday. (What is up with that spelling?)

As in 24 hours from now.


We wrapped up our final items today (other than packing the trailer and van, we will do that tomorrow).

The Chairman's display board is done as well as all the Judge's Awards packets and swag items.

Robot stuff is all packed up and ready to go. Bill of Materials is done. Sponsor banners are printed.

We also spent a lot of time today meeting with people about an offseason event. Looks like it's going to happen! Now we just need a name.....

We even had some time today to tour a company in Alexandria, Douglas Scientific. Longer post on that tomorrow maybe.

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