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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Practice Makes Better

Today was practice and inspection day!! Yayyyy!

We worked our tails off this build season following rules and making our robot as consistent as possible. It's super fun to have that work pay off at the Regional.

Inspection went swimmingly. Putting on the bumpers was a little iffy but the screen printed numbers looked sweeeeeeet on the field. We got lots of questions on them. One funny moment was when we weighed the robot and it alternated between 120.0 and 120.1 lbs. The inspectors said that was as close as they've ever seen it. So we drilled a few more holes in the acrylic panels.

The practice matches were really fun. We subbed in for a few matches so our record was 4-1. There was a match where we did the whole 60 point run (3 assists, a truss, and a catch). Another match was awesome because we scored over 125 points! We had a couple issues with autonomous (battery levels). We know what to do here in Duluth to help fix it but during 10,000 Lakes we might try to implement an ultrasonic sensor.

Robotics competitions are fun because so many people are willing to help. We borrowed an ethernet cable from TNT. We helped a couple teams get their robots working, especially the team from Perham. It was great seeing so many people and teams that we have worked with in the past couple years like KnightKrawler, King Tec, DataBits, Robettes, Fighting Calcs, Kaotic, Blaze, and many more.

We had our YouTube videos playing in our pit again. It's incredible how many people stop by and watch videos and ask questions. Talking to people about FIRST, our sponsors, and our team is fun.


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