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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Box Up Day!

What an exciting Box Up Day! Luckily, this year was exciting for good reasons, not stupid cables frying reasons (like last year).

Today our head coach, Mr. Bydlon, received a call from FRC Team 2538 Plaid Pillagers from Morris, Mn. They were wondering if they could come down and use our half field. Of course we said yes. So after school, the team set up the playing field, and waited for their arrival. When they did finally arrive our team greeted them and helped them unload their robot and equipment. After that it was all driving practice for both teams but with a lot of conversation on each others robot design and about what their team;s strategy was. There was a lof of helping each other when it was needed. However, help wasn't needed much because both bots were very well built and good at what they were meant to do. It was awesome to hang out with the Plaid Pillagers! We hope to do it again really soon!

Today was also final build day, which means by midnight our robot had to be put into a bag and tied shut so we can't work on it until our regional. This makes it fair to the teams who compete at the beginning of March. If we have 3 more weeks than they do to work on our bot. it’s not fair to them. There is also a lot of mixed feelings here due to the fact that its a relief to have some pressure off because of the intensity of build season but its also sad to not be able to drive or work on something you've been working on for 6 weeks straight.

There was still a lot of pressure on the Chairman’s team though. We worked our BUTTS off all night while the Build Team kind of goofed around. The Executive Summary is complete. The Essay is very close to being done. We still need to do some edits to the Business Plan. Bydlon is finished with Bryce’s Dean’s List essay (you can write 2 per team). Kacy finished Bydlon’s Woodie Flowers Essay. It’s both a relief to be finished with the robot but also a HUGE stress to have to submit the Awards by 11am on Thursday. Tomorrow is going to stink.

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