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Monday, February 4, 2013

So Much Happening!

True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new. 
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

We started painting our competition robot today!! It's going to look sooooo awesome. We're waiting to show pictures for a little bit until it's all finished. But the team colors of black, blue, and silver will definitely be  prominent. Especially black...

The painting process is a new one for us. Buying the paint has been an interesting exercise. We tried really hard to get the right colors and talked a lot about the color scheme. We feel confident it'll look great.

The other big project for today was that we built the Frisbee collecting part of the goals. We have been concerned about our Frisbees bouncing out of the goals because of the speed and angle we shoot them out. So we built the box behind the goal. It was an interesting project for sure. Cutting the wood to the right length took a long time. Plus, it ended up being heavier than we anticipated so we had to add more supports. BUT! After all the work, it's all put together and we will test it out later this week!!

A smaller project was making the feeder slot slider. This will allow Brandon and our robot to better practice the real field conditions of feeding the Frisbees.

In programming news, Dalton and Allen started working on a shifting drive program. This will allow Bryce to have a manual transmission. Basically, Bryce will push a button and the robot will be able to drive much faster or slower depending on what he needs. Should be fun to test!!

Jade and Kacy did their fantastic work today. The Executive Summary is done for now!! WOAH!! That's so awesome. It looks great and totally sums our team up in a short amount of words. The Executive Summary is 7 different topics that you must write about. You only get 500 characters including spaces per topic. The act of editing is really tough! Next up is the Chairman's Essay. Yikes!

We are doing a Girl's Basketball Halftime Show again this year!!! February 15 at 7pm at the Jefferson High School gym. Carson made a fantastic poster!

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