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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Painting Perfection

Life is a big canvas, throw all the paint on it you can.
-Danny Kaye

Team 3313 finished painting all of the competition robot parts today. It was super exciting!! Some of the accent pieces are blue, the writing and bucket are silver and everything else is black. It matches all of our team branding. We painted our team name and number on the Frisbee feeder ramp. It looks so awesome. Can't wait to see the whole robot together again on Wednesday.

More LEDs going to be mounted. More details soon...

We're going to do one big reveal of the final robot all at once. So stay tuned later this week to see it all together!!

We had a PMMC Meeting during lunch and it went really great. The PMMC is a group of Alexandria Area Packaging Machine Manufacturers. It includes, Aagard, Massman, ITW Heartland, Douglas Machine, AAEDC, and Alex Tech. We love their support. Every month, a few of the team members go to the PMMC meeting and give an update. This meeting was especially great because the new superintendent of District 206 was there. He was extremely interested and very supportive of our work which felt good.

We made a few improvements to our game elements. We hung up chains hung on 3 point goal box and at the top of the pyramid goal. The pyramid goal is just a fun distraction for our team while we
Feeder station now lets Frisbees slide

Allen programmed in a shifter button on the game controller. This will allow Bryce to drive top speed when going straight but slow down as he comes around to turn and face the goals. Also, Alicia will be our back up driver just in case.

Our new team tshirts will be done in next day or two. Sweatshirt orders will be due Friday. Mr. Bydlon finally got around to ordering business cards.

We are doing a Halftime Show on February 15 at 7pm. We did this same event last year. The only difference is that this year we will NOT use wireless internet for it.

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