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Friday, February 15, 2013

Lessons Learned

Big day for the team today.

New YouTube Videos!!

The main thing being the bumpers which most of you know can and is probably the biggest pain in the neck. However, after seeing them finished it was totally worth the hard work. Holding the bumpers onto the robot are some L-brackets made by one of our sponsors, Myhr fabrication.

We finished the video clips for our Robot Reveal Video and uploaded it! WE LOVE OUR ROBOT! These is so much team branding and it works so well. It’s just plain awesome.

Another fun thing the team did tonight was performed at the girls basketball game halftime show. It's a very fun and easy way to spread the word that Alexandria does have a FIRST robotics team and what we do. If you remember we did the same thing last year but it did not work the way we wanted to. Last year was tough because we communicate to our robot wirelessly and our network was unprotected. So cell phones and the score boards (which are run wirelessly) connected to our robot which made it very laggy. BUT! We learned our lesson this year!! We tethered our robot with a 50 ft ethernet cable and because of that it went perfectly.

We ended the night by loading up Kevin’s really nice trailer for the Eagan Week Zero Event tomorrow. This process was much smoother because we had pre-organized everything throughout the week.

Overall, tonight was a HUGE success. The team learned so much from last year and it was awesome to have everything actually go right for us for a change.

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