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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Work, Work, Work

Juniors and Seniors met during lunch today. We discussed upcoming events. We also filmed a "Lunch with Bydlon". The filming is a tribute to the Lunch with Andy series by AndyMark. Every day, one of the heads of AndyMark films a short video detailing new AndyMark parts and Robotics stuff. We really enjoy them so thought we'd copy them. 

The team met for a looooooong time after school. Alicia, Bryce, Dalton, Carson, and Bydlon were at school until 10pm. But in that time a lot was accomplished. 

The coolest robot addition is that we added Sponsor plates to the left and right sides of our robot. They are made out of lexan. Zack and Carson did a great job mounting the stickers.

We worked really hard on the bumpers. We have one set all ready to go for fabric. The holes have been drilled, t-joints have been mounted, and pool noodles are duct taped on. 

The bumper mounts did not go very well. We had a really cool design idea where we would have extrusion sticking out of the frame. On the bumpers, there would be C-Rail turned sideways. Then a pin would go through the C Rail and extrusion, thus mounting the bumpers. We worked really, really hard the past couple days getting all those holes drilled. Unfortunately, many of them don't match up. So basically, that idea is now out the window. Instead, we're going to get some angle cut and just bolt the bumpers straight the the frame. We lost sight of keeping it simple... 

We started on the new Driver Station. It's going to be a long wooden one. We will mount wheels at one end so we can carry the other and then have the wheels on the ground as we move. We are going to paint it similar to our robot with black, blue, and silver. It's going to look awesome. 

Kacy and Jade got to business writing a Chairman's Essay Rough Draft. They will have a second draft done by our Scrimmage on Saturday. Kacy and Jade also dropped off the Business Plan for English teachers to revise. 

Carson and Zack made some ridiculous pictures of Bydlon. They were super funny. 

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