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Monday, February 18, 2013

More Fixing, More Driving, And Some Shaking

After some much needed sleep, the team looked back at some more of the flaws of the robot at the Week Zero Event.

New YouTube Video:

The biggest problem at the Week Zero Event was that frisbees would tumble over the rail meant to direct them into our hopper. Because of this, Bryce cut a piece of ¼ inch OSB plywood down to size. That piece would then be mounted at the top of the ramp, where the frisbees tumbled over. To our surprise, the simple fix worked!! But it was super ugly... So Heidi and Molly painted the “blocker” black but to make it even better they decided to paint a FIRST logo on it which made it look AWESOME!!!!!! This also gave us a spot to mount our warning light.

Another thing we painted on was a 3M logo. Because 3M is our biggest sponsor and we didn't have their logo on our robot. So we decided to make it as big as we could and it actually completed the robot.

Chairman's is still coming along. Jade and Kacy are wonderful people. The effort and stress they are under is basically unfathomable. Two people writing a 20 page Business Plan, 3 page Chairman's Essay, and 2 page Chairman's Executive Summary is frankly insane. But they are pushing through and our Chairman's is going to be one to remember. HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THEM!

There was also even more driving practice today. We recorded a full round of it with the new autonomous. Dalton and Bryce are getting REALLY good...

Today was also very, very goofy. We recorded some of the weirdness which is in one of the new YouTube videos above. It included: miming, some dinner for Bydlon, some dancing, humans pretending to be robots, and a Dalton-bird. Just watch the video...

Lastly, we recorded an entry for the AndyMark Harlem Shake contest. AndyMark is a robotics part company and they’re AWESOME. They put out a contest for a FRC team to get the most views on a Harlem Shake video. You can see our entry above.

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