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Sunday, February 17, 2013


Because of all the excitement yesterday (see our post below about the Week Zero Event), today the team didn't accomplish much. Yesterday was exhausting. But the slow work was ok because of all the success our team enjoyed yesterday.

Today consisted of a lot of drive practice and some tinkering with autonomous, also one of our freshmen Mitch Fisher added our logo to our driver station which made it look awesome and complete.

We also fixed a bunch of the small problems our mock robot inspection found. We changed out fuses, fixed some wires, adjust the bumpers, and a whole mess of other things.

We tinkered a lot with the Autonomous. Dalton and Allen tried to get the autonomous to start from the back corner of the pyramid. That way, we can hold 3 discs. The problem with that is the starting position is basically never the same. Every time we tried to set it up, the angle the robot would take to get close enough to the goal to shoot would be different. SO! We are sticking with our 2 shot autonomous. But, we are working in an end part. The robot will shoot the 2 discs, then turn and back up past the robot. We will be in prime position to get more Frisbees in Teleop!

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