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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Drive Team Getting Set and Bumpers

New YouTube Video:

Today the team finished up on a lot of things.

One of the the smaller but still very needed pieces of the drive team was finished. That being the driver station, which is what the drive team carries to the field. It holds the laptop, the driver controller, and the shooter joystick. We have a youtube video talking about it. What we like about this is that it is custom made, simple yet effective, and is sporting our team colors which is always cool.

The main accomplishment of Thursday is that we got the bumpers done. It was a long process. Originally, we had a complicated design of C Rail channels and extrusion. We were going to build two different bumper sets and just switch the entire sets. Unfortunately, drilling 36 different pieces without a drill press is not a good idea. So we had Dalton's dad, Scott, at Myhr Fabrication make us some sweet steel bumper mounts. Brandon, Bryce, and Bydlon stayed late to finish them and get them on the robot.

We also took some videos of our final robot that will be part of our final robot stay tuned for the video release.

The Chairman’s team keept working on the Essay. It’s slow going but it’s getting better every single day.

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