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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Week Zero Event


New YouTube Videos!

The team left at 6am and traveled to Eagan, which is located in the southeast part of the Twin Cities. We were driving to  a Week Zero Event. A Week Zero Event is a very informal version of a regional and is only 1 day long instead of 3. The whole point of this is to get a feel of how your robot will perform at the actual competition. HUGE THANKS to Team 2220 Blue Twilight for hosting the event!

Lucky for us we had a robot that was very close to completion with nothing very little left to work on. Because of this, we were able to compete in as many matches possible. At one point during the day, our robot was in 10 consecutive matches. That is about how many total matches we will have at 10k lakes (our regional)!!!

Our drive team was very excited for all the practice time. Alicia was kind of thrown into the driver role without any preparation. She did a fantastic job! Seeing her improvement throughout the day was really great. Dalton was perfect as the operator and Brandon dishes out discs like it was his job.

The coolest part of the day was finding those tiny little things that we need to improve on our robot. For example, unless we lined up perfectly, discs would slide over our ramp wall. So we need to build a blocker. Also, one of the CIMs would get really hot so we need to fix that. Those small things are the difference between BEING picked and PICKING at our Regional.

Other goings on... Kacy, Jesse, and Josh took great pictures. Kacy, Jade, and Jesse went to a Chairman’s meeting with Renee Becker which went really well (of course). Bydlon and Kacy attended a Team Roundtable. Zack took some FANTASTIC stats about our robot which will be very useful in the coming days. Allen scouted and took stats as well. Vincent was great at bringing new batteries and charging them.

Highlight of the day... Laying on the ground and watching our Robot Reveal Video. A team walked by and said, “What are they doing?” Someone else responded with, “Who cares? Have you seen their robot?” Build Season was a lot of work. It’s nice to see some of it pay off. BUT! We’re not satisfied!

Highlight of the day 2... Having at least 4 teams come up to us and say how much they liked our videos. Made us all warm and fuzzy inside.

Highlight of the day 3... Chipotle for dinner.

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