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Friday, January 18, 2013

Auto Pilot

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
- Henry Ford

New YouTube video is up!
Prototype Robot - Autonomous

Team 3313 met again today to do some more work. Jade and Kacy went right to work doing more Business Plan revisions. It is really starting to come together. It is really fun to read our missions statements and see the progress we've met to achieve them.

We set up our half field to practice on today. It was fun to see the full pyramid and goals out. We simply cannot wait to begin competition. So exciting.

The big robot progress was with autonomous. Our programmers were itching to get their hands on our prototype robot. It's incredible seeing our game strategy come to life with our prototype robot. Our whole strategy is based off scoring well in autonomous and hanging for 10 points. That's a guaranteed 28 points each match. Obviously, we will optimize our shooting during teleop to score as well. But autonomous and 10 pt hang will be our bread and butter.

For the first time, we have a robot to practice autonomous on before the last day of build season! Haha. It seriously is great to be able to optimize and tweak the autonomous to make it the best it can. Worth the tedious work to see it shoot 3-3 on 3 point autonomous shots.

The team has worked their tails off putting all the components together of our prototype robot. It is fabulous to see it all working together. Unfortunately, we cannot take a video of the ENTIRE system because we only have one 12v solenoid. They are on the way though!

The other small project was fixing the robot cart. We switched around all the wheel wells so they will fit our wide, smaller robot this year.

The team ended the night by playing some Rock Band. It's nice to kind of take a break for a little bit from the stress of build season and just spend time together laughing.

Goals for Saturday:

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