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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's The Simple Things

Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler. 
-Albert Einstein

Our new YouTube video is up!
Prototype Robot - 10 Point Hang

The team met today with a flurry of activity to start on. Our biggest development is that we achieved a 10 point hang!! That is extremely exciting! The method we used is extremely simple but we think that simple is often the way to go. Simple means less things to fail during competition and less things to keep track of.

We had a video from last Saturday detailing how we were going to hang. We completed that idea today by using organizer hooks for a garage. We just fastened them to our shooter top using some 2x4s. The giant piston we have on the front of our robot for angle adjusting has the power to pull the wheels off the ground. As long as the robot is not touching the ground, we are good to go for 10 points. We are very proud of the work we have done so far. Our next big steps are going to be CADing up our design and programming autonomous. We are going to build an all new robot (same design, different materials) in the coming weeks.

A few other students started remaking our robot cart. We are doing a wide robot for the first time. That means the wheel wells need to face a different way. The smaller frame perimeter also allows us to use more of our robot cart for storage. We are going to build a shelf and tool box area for it.

Bydlon turned in the Purchase Orders for all of our AndyMark parts and encumbered account at Menard's. This will allow us to buy all the parts and tools we need to be successful in our competition robot design.

Kacy and Jade kept working on the new Business Plan revisions. It's a long process but they're getting there.

Jade has taken over ownership of the Team Tumblr account located at here.

Carson added our newest sponsors to our sponsor page here on the blog. We are always so thankful of our sponsors and all that they provide for us.

Goals for tomorrow: Start CADing the prototype robot like maniacs. Frisbee picker upper work? Business Plan revisions. Battery cart design. More team videos.

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