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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rolling Base

The team met again on Thursday night after school. There was some major progress made on a prototype robot and our other current projects as well.

There were two big build developments. We kept working on our arm for picking up frisbees. It's coming along but our big struggle is weight. This little elbow is super heavy. We're keeping our options open and not spending much time on it so we can test it and see if it works.

The other really big development is that we have a working, driving robot base! We decided to go for a long base. Whether we go for a climber or a shooter, both designs we are thinking about involve a longer robot. It took some tedious work (mounting electronics and doing chains are not what most people think of as "exciting") but was worth it to see the robot base drive around.

Kacy and Jade kept plugging away at the Business Plan. The executive summary is basically done. They are currently going through and doing some corrections (the tense that the paper was written in changed throughout so they are making it consistent). Then, they will add in new information and hopefully finish by Saturday.

Carson made a poster for our Pizza Selling Fundraiser. Our team sells pizzas at the Ice Fishing Challenge in Alexandria, MN on February 9. It is our biggest fundraiser money wise so we are really excited for it!

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