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Monday, January 21, 2013

Small Steps

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance! Then, even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning!
-Markesa Yeager

Real Talk: So we've had a lot of really great success recently with our prototype robot and that's awesome. The real work begins after those successes happen and you hit a wall. The fun learning curve has definitely flattened out. Truthfully, we are just kind of spinning our wheels waiting for our competition robot parts to come in. Purchase Orders are just kind of hard way to deal with paying for parts. Our team totally understand why they are important and why the paperwork is necessary. It's just... WE WANT TO BUILD OUR AWESOME ROBOT! *deep breath*

The thing our team HAS to keep in mind: The small steps we make in the next few days are the difference between being PICKED and doing the PICKING.

To pass our time today, Brandon and Bryce worked on a couple of projects that ended up not gaining us any ground. We added some more height to our feeder ramp wall. Unfortunately, this prevented us from using our hooks to hang. So we tried to move around the hooks but nothing was working so we went back to our original design.

The other time waster today was a project to lift frisbees off the ground. Honestly, we don't feel like we need to pick frisbees up off the ground. We see no reason for our game strategy to do this. However, we are waiting for parts and don't have anything else to do so brainstorming a new mechanism is fun.

Alicia and Tyler built some shelving units to help organize the robot room. They look great!!

Allen kept working on autonomous and semi-autonomous programming. We got some WONDERFUL suggestions on our YouTube videos and Chief Delphi post about reminding us that you need to shoot further away to host 3 frisbees. Otherwise, it's 2 frisbees.

Jade came in and kept her work on the Business Plan going. She has also been updating our Tumblr page. It's so funny! Check it out!

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