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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pew Pew Pew!

Check out our super short vlog on youtube!! 

We built a prototype shooter today! It was awesome! An engineer from Massman came to our shop and helped us get together some plywood, 2x4s, diamond plate and a spinning wheel. We made a bunch of 3 pointers in a row after some tweaking. A cool design aspect is that we have a piece of springy diamond plate as the backing.

Shooter Prototype 1
Shooter Prototype 2

We are simultaneously designing two pretty different robots. One is a climbing bot and another is a shooter robot. An engineer from Douglas Machine is helping us with the climbing robot. The ideas are coming along with that.

We got a frame cut for a long robot design. We're going to try that out and see what happens. Both our shooter design and our climbing design lend themselves to a longer design it makes sense.

We also organized the robot room which was extremely necessary after receiving our KOP. We even took inventory of all of our parts. That information is being put on a server for our team. The server will allow us to log in like a time clock.

There was also a lot of activity up in the Computer Lab. We worked on the business plan revisions some more. The executive summary is done! Now for the other 13 pages...

The Resources page up above has been updated as well which is awesome. All of our slide shows from this fall have been added including: PR, Drive Trains, Pneumatics, Prepping for the Regional, Awards, and many, many others. Check them out!

We also got another fundraiser set up. We are going to sell pizzas at the Ice Fishing Challenge in Alexandria on February 9. This was a HUGE help last year and we are excited to do it again.

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