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Monday, January 7, 2013

Tough Decisions

The team narrowed down the robot strategy options to two choices... Either we build a climbing robot that scores 30 points by hanging on the top rung, OR we build a shooting robot that hangs on the second rung. Tough decision to make between the two. There are advantages to either design. Our long discussions lead us to make the decision... to put off the decision. Haha. We are going to simultaneously design and prototype a climbing robot and a shooting robot. We'll see how it goes.

Up in the computer lab, Carson wrote some blog posts which are awesome. Check them out below. Also, Kacy and Jade starting the long, arduous task of revising the business plan. We have done so much and accomplished so many goals since we last wrote it. It's kind of funny to read the old one now.

The biggest developments designing wise for our team happened when Dan Floding, our awesome engineering helper, arrived and gave us a shot in the arm with designing ideas.

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