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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Check out our vlog for today!

The evolution of our shooter prototype was created today. We made a hopper (or as we like to call it, haaaaaaaaper) and a loader for the shooter prototype we created yesterday. Now we can shoot frisbees completely hands free!! That's pretty darn cool. Especially because we programmed it all in so we were shooting using our driver station. Huge thank you to the ITW Heartland mentor who came in and helped us today. Check out the prototypes together in the video below.

Shooter Prototype 3

The other big build development was that we started work on a frisbee picker upper. Bryce worked pretty hard on making a claw design. We'll see if it works in the next couple days when we finish it. If we do a shooting robot, we want to be able to pick up off the ground. Check out the video of it below.

Frisbee Picker Upper POC

Dalton Myhr is a Senior Programmer on the team. His dad and uncle have a company called Myhr Fabrications. They have generously donated time and money to make us a full on, legal, steel pyramid to practice on. THAT'S AWESOME!!!! So Dalton and his dad started working on that this week. It should be done by Friday. Did we mention they are awesome?

There were many developments in the computer lab as well. Business plan revisions are still carrying on. We are changing the layout a little bit and making even more corrections and additions than we thought we would.

The Chairman's Award Video is starting to get going. We have our interviews and interview questions set up. We also collected many pictures and team videos we want to showcase.

We created a template for a newsletter we will send out to all of our sponsors every Saturday.

The server is continuing to improve. We got a desktop to use for it. The "clock in" feature works!

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