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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Waiting But Deciding

“Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.” 
― Malcolm Gladwell

Weekend meetings are tough. Team 3313 is from Minnesota and January is not exactly the most wonderful time of year. Your house is warm, the tv is beckoning, there is copious amounts of food, and all sorts of temptations to keep you at home. Plus, transportation can be hard on weekends.

Bryce and Brandon showed up to work today along with Bydlon. While they watched The Avengers, the website was updated and electrical diagrams were studied. After the movie was finished, the 3 of us went down to the shop to do some tests on the prototype robot.

The 3 amigos went to Menard's to do some brainstorming. We looked at wood prices (spoiler alert). We also made some plans for new tools to buy. We put in a request for an encumbered account at Menards but it has not gone through yet. So we are stuck waiting...

The prototype robot is finished  You can see all of our videos at this playlist. The major stumbling block we are at now is that we don't have the necessary parts to continue on with our competition robot. We are kind of at a stand still.  Today, after Alicia showed up, we tested out if the Mini CIM from Vex Pro would work for our shooter and it does. That allows us to use a smaller, lighter motor for the same function. That's nice!

Alicia and Bryce stayed later. We made some decisions on apparel for the team. We are going to make new t-shirts with all of our sponsors on them (also going with the blue logo). We are going to do another order of polo shirts because they're awesome and look professional. Finally, we are going to order hooded sweatshirts. They are going to look so amazing. Cannot wait.

So today was not a very busy day but we made TONS of decisions about the future which is very exciting.

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